Thursday, August 23, 2012

A little about the Lynch's

Mackay and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple on August 12, 2009. I knew I loved Mackay the moment I met him, it just took a little convincing for him to realize he loved me too! :) We hung out/booty call/dated for about a year in a half. Mackay hates when I use the term booty call, but lets be honest we didn't hang out until like 10 or 11 at night, wouldn't you call that a booty call? Anyways, after a bit of convincing from my end Mackay finally proposed Wednesday June 24, 2009. He faked me out 2 days earlier and had me thinking I was getting engaged on Monday. He sent me on a fun scavenger hunt from work, to TA, to Mt. Timp Temple, to his house. I popped some balloons and found a message saying to be continued. To be continued?? What did that mean? Had I come to the wrong clue? I went outside to my car to call Mackay to see if I had come to the wrong clue. He came running out of his house, only to tell me, to be continued. He had a big grin on his face, and I still was puzzled. He said gotcha...I'm not proposing today, just wanted to have some fun! 2 days later he proposed :) It started out at his parents house, where he had me dress up fancy. He had a cute little table set up in the backyard with a bouquet of roses. His dad was our server in a cute little tie and vest. I say little because Billy was wearing Mackay's work vest, so it was a little too small. We were served only the best food of course. Bean Burritos and Fries from Taco Amigo. We also had chips and salsa from Los Hermanos, Jones Soda, and Fried Ice cream. This boy knew me well, it was a meal prepared for a queen! After we finished eating Mackay pulled out an envelope had written on it "To my future wife." He told me his mission president had encouraged him to write a letter to his future wife while on his mission. He kept this letter safe until he found the right girl. He gave me the envelope and I proceeded to read the letter. It was written so sweet, and so profound. Mackay really has a way with words, and this only made me fall even more in love with him then I already was. After reading the letter he told me to go change into my "play" clothes. I did so and we were off onto one of our many scooter rides. It was wonderful! The weather was perfect. We had so many fun memories on that scooter and it was so fun to be making another one. As we made our way back to the house, Mackay led me back into the backyard. There were rose petals and candles lining the walkway. He led me to the fire pit where there was a blanket and treats awaiting us. Side note: Mackay always made up games for us to play and he had been asking me a bunch of questions the previous weeks saying it was for a game. Well when we sat down on the blanket we then played this game. We continued to ask each other questions on the cards and then reveal if they were right or wrong. The last question happened to be, "Will you marry me?" The question I had been longing to hear! It was the greatest moment of my life. It had just started to get dark and the setting was perfect. I'd never seen Mackay so nervous! We both were a little shakey and I was in awe, I couldn't believe it was finally happening! Just 6 short weeks after we were married in the Salt Lake Temple.
Here are a few pictures of the night we got engaged and of our wedding!  

Clearly it's been 3 years and a lot has changed. Just wanted to give you a quick(or rather long) overview on how it all happened. More to come about these past 3 years soon!

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